We regularly gather together as a church family to worship the God who has saved us, to sing His praises, sit under His Word, and celebrate the work of His grace in our lives and our communities.

Feel free to arrive a few minutes early and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

What to Expect: We are casual in attire but not in our approach to God. We sing a mix of hymns and contemporary songs. We view our worship gatherings more like a family reunion than a production which means that we welcome families with children and don't mind if they happen to make some noise during our gathering. We do offer age-appropriate ministry for children through 4th grade during the sermon

A typical Sunday gathering will include readings from Scripture, a time of praying together, singing, and a sermon from a passage of Scripture or a topic we want to focus on. We conclude our gatherings with a response time where we celebrate the person and work of Jesus through singing, taking communion and giving.

We welcome all Christians to take communion with our church each week. We practice communion by intinction, where the Christian believer partially dips their piece of bread in the wine (we also offer grape juice) and partakes of both elements at the same time. You are welcome to take communion at any time during our time of response. We encourage our church to do this in small groups of 2-3 people to pray and remember Jesus together as they receive communion.

An ASL interpreter is typically available during our gatherings for our deaf friends. Please contact us to let us know if you would like us to to provide this.


We meet at the historic Runeberg Hall, located at 1685 Union St. Eureka, CA 95501


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